Hello! I’m Nancy. 

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Welcome to Crafting a Career!

My goal is to share the stories of real people and the twists and turns their career paths took as they found their direction.

Many people, myself included, struggle to find their career direction, changing jobs multiple times. In the past I have

  • Managed a drop-in day care center
  • Cared for baby bulls in a lab studying development and implant of artificial hearts
  • Shepherded tax-free investment vehicles from creation to market as a corporate attorney
  • Taught aerobics
  • Directed a non-profit literacy coalition
  • Raised millions of dollars with successful grant proposals to national, state and local funders
  • Administered programs designed to increase student success in a community college

In the process, I’ve acquired skills, experience and self-awareness, as well as some good stories. It’s all been interesting and paid my bills, but didn’t fully engage me.

Over time I’ve realized that I’m a generalist, which leads me to be interested in a wide variety of pursuits. I love to write. And I’m always curious about other people.

Crafting a Career enables me to do what I love while I satisfy my curiosity about how other people create their careers outside of traditional pathways. So far I’ve discovered that each person I’ve interviewed has certain interests and aptitudes woven into the fabric of their career. I will share their stories to show the questions they asked, the obstacles they overcame and the decisions they made to weave those threads into a career.

As I explore these stories, please let me know the questions you have, so I can continue to seek answers that will satisfy all of our curiosities.

Thank you for reading!


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